Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Secure sites work?

To reduce the confusion on how/when a secure area is logged off, each will now open in their own separate window. Using this approach, you can have total confidence that your sensitive information is secure simply by closing the window of the secure area when you are done.

PLEASE NOTE: Some documents in these sites open up as separate documents, like Adobe Acrobat, to give you the flexibility to copy, save and print these files for your local use. These files will not be affected by logging off of the secure sites. Once these files are opened, they become ‘your responsibility’ to protect in accordance with District policy and the Privacy Act.

Who maintains the District 5 web site?

This site is maintained by members of the District 5 association, with the assistance of an independent web consultant to help us with the more technical details of keeping the site up and running. We are also using Nova Hosting as our host provider. If you have questions about how the site is maintained or would like to further details about the site maintenance, you can contact the Web Master at